Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

Our Staff

Our staff are led by Headteacher, Tristram Hobson and Deputy Headteacher, Jenny Maraspin.

In line with the vision and ethos of The Swanage School we have a team of outstanding, fully qualified teaching staff, eager to make their mark on a new and ambitious local school.

Tristram Hobson


I count myself extremely privileged to be the founder Headteacher of The Swanage School. I was appointed in June 2012, started the work to open The Swanage School in November 2012 and from September 2013 have enjoyed every minute leading this wonderful school. Before TSS I was Deputy at a successful school in Salisbury for ten years. My passions are cycling and surfing and when I’m not in school that’s what I’ll be doing. I’m very lucky to share these with the students at school, running mountain bike club every week and Surf Camp in July Challenge Week.



Jenny Maraspin

Deputy Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead 

I thoroughly enjoy working at The Swanage School, especially teaching Maths. I am very proud to have a masters degree in Mathematics Education and studied at Exeter university and started at the school in March 2013 before we had any students. Before I started a career in education I was a full-time musician playing bass guitar in a jazz/funk band. I lived in South Africa for a year and worked with young people there which became my inspiration to become a teacher.



Teaching Staff


Zoe Bayston

English & Drama Teacher                                 







Rebecca Bunney

Music Teacher                                  

Hello, my name is Rebecca Bunney and I'm the Music Teacher at The Swanage School. I graduated with an Honours degree in Saxophone Performance from Trinity College of Music (London). I have lived and worked in France for four years, as a vocal coach, peripatetic music teacher and in a number of primary schools. I'm Musical Director for a number of adult choirs and I have a band called Retro Groove Mob who play in and around Purbeck. I am very passionate about music and encouraging our students to sing or make music as often as possible!



Steph Catling

Science Teacher                                               

Hi, I'm Steph Catling. I have always loved science even as a small child - since the age of four I was determined to wear a lab coat!  I achieved first class honours for my degree in Biology with Biomedical Sciences from Bournemouth and Kingston University. Before becoming a teacher I was a laboratory technician in both commercial and education settings. I just love science!




Daniel Crowhurst

Food Technology & Catering Teacher           

Hi, I’m Dan Crowhurst, and I teach Food, Nutrition and Catering at The Swanage School. I grew up on a  dairy farm and loved cooking as a kid. After training at catering college and working in the industry for a few years, I came to Bournemouth University to study Food Science & Nutrition- I love experimenting, just like Heston! I went into the manufacturing industry and developed recipes for New Covent Garden Soup Company, and McDonalds, before moving back to Bournemouth. For several years, I ran a greengrocers store and in my (spare) time, was also a wedding photographer, before becoming a teacher. I love sharing my experiences with the students, teaching them life skills, and nurturing the Masterchefs of the future!



Dave Dawson

SENCo & Maths Teacher                                       

Hi, I’m Mr Dawson and I am the SENCo at the Swanage School. I studied Mathematics and Education at Exeter university and in recent years completed the National SENCo Award. As well as being a SENCo I have previously been a Curriculum Leader and a Head of Year. I have been a Maths teacher for over 10 years working in three other Dorset schools.  



Danni Drodge

Geography & PBL Teacher, Curriculum Area Leader Humanities

Hello, I am Danni Drodge and I am The Swanage School’s Geographer and PBL teacher.  I am also really proud to be Head of Challenger House! I studied for my degree through The Open University whilst teaching in a school in Bournemouth. I have been teaching for the last ten years and consider myself to be very lucky- not only to teach the most amazing students but to be able to take advantage of all the excellent opportunities to take Geography outside of the classroom. I love teaching at The Swanage School and hope to inspire many students to become our next generation of Geographers!



Sarah Everitt

Curriculum Area Leader, Maths                          

Hello I am Sarah Everitt and I look after the Maths, Computing, DT and Catering departments. I first started my career in teaching as a primary Maths specialist and have been working in secondary schools for the last 12 years. I thoroughly enjoy doing and teaching Maths and training new teachers. I love working at The Swanage School, the best thing about it being the students.




Delphine Fawke

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher                

Bonjour! I am Delphine Fawke and I am the French teacher at the Swanage School. I come from Nantes in France, which is a beautiful city in the Loire Valley, full of history and art. When I was at secondary school, I was passionate about Maths and Science but also English. As part of my Chemical Engineering degree in France, I was lucky to be selected to study chemistry at the University of Southampton where I obtained a BSc in Organic Chemistry. I then worked for ten years as a research chemist inventing and synthesising novel organic molecules before turning to my passion for languages and becoming a MFL teacher. I love improving the language skills of my students and explaining the links with the English language



Adam Hines

Science Teacher                          

Hi!  I am Adam Hines and I am a Science teacher at The Swanage School who specialises in the best of all the sciences..... Physics! I studied for four years at the University of Exeter, completing my Masters Degree in Physics with Astrophysics. My Masters project looked into the birth of stars! And was titled: Modelling molecular line emission in turbulent Interstellar clouds. In my role as a Science teacher at TSS I hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and maybe even aspiring astronomers.



Tracey Holmes

Science Teacher                                                   

Hello! My name is Tracey Holmes and I teach Physics and Chemistry at GCSE and Science to KS3 at The Swanage School.  I worked in industry for nine years as Quality Control for both the clothing and food industries before studying Applied Science at The Royal Military College of Science. I love working with our industry and tourism partners to bring Science to life both in and out of the classroom. I also coordinate our fantastic Challenge opportunities for learning outside of the curriculum. This year I am a Stimulating Physics Network coach.



Steph Humby

PRE & PBL Teacher, Head of Endeavour              

Hi, I'm Steph Humby, teacher of PRE and PBL at The Swanage School. My passion for Philosophy and Religious Studies began during my GCSEs and A Levels and developed further during my time at Winchester University, where I achieved my BA in Theology and Religious Studies. After graduating, I realised I wanted to share my enthusiasm for learning about other faiths and cultures with the next generation so I embarked upon completing my PGCE in 2010 and began teaching the best subject on the curriculum!



Sam Kerwood

Curriculum Area Leader Science         

Hello! My name is Sam Kerwood and I am the Curriculum Area Lead for Science at the Swanage School. I studied Medical Biochemistry at Brunel University (London) and worked in the medical research industry for ten years before training as a science teacher. I love plants and have really enjoyed developing the school garden and outdoor classroom with the students during gardening club over the past two years – especially now we can see the students enjoying the delicious produce!



Kay Lawton

Curriculum Area Leader, English, Languages, Drama & Music 

Hello! My name is Kay Lawton and I am the Curriculum Area Lead for English, Drama, Music, Performing Arts and Modern Foreign Languages at The Swanage School. I was a finished artist, running the studio in a small advertising agency in London, before becoming a teacher, and have never looked back. Having completed a degree in English and my teacher training, I started my career in Billericay, Essex, before moving to Dorset. I worked for many brilliant years at The Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester, but nothing compares to the excitement of working at our school to make it the best it can be.



Chris Lewis

PE Teacher                                                                               

Hi, my name is Chris Lewis and I am the PE teacher at TSS. After completing my degree in sport at Liverpool I decided to take some time away and travel Australia and Japan for a year. Once I returned to Liverpool I worked in both primary and secondary schools before completing my PGCE in Secondary Physical Education. My favourite sports are football, athletics and boxing and I support the best football team in Liverpool…..Everton Football Club.



Brian McDermott

Humanties Teacher






Sarah Mulhern

Art & Design Teacher, Head of Challenger                                  

Hello! I’m Sarah Mulhern and I’m the Art teacher. I am also teaching Computing to all of Year 7 and 8. I received my Textiles and Fashion degree from Portsmouth University and have been teaching Art, Design, Fashion and Textiles for over 15 years. I LOVE teaching and have many previous students working in the Fashion and Textile industry, working on set designs and the film industry and as practising teachers! I only moved to Swanage last year and love living by the sea. I have started building relationships with local artists and community projects who are supporting the school and students with live projects and inspiration which is so beneficial. Watch this space and our Facebook page to see the progression students are making!



James Peacock

Design & Technology Teacher, Head of Halsewell

Hi, I am the Teacher of Design and Technology and the Head of Halsewell House at The Swanage School. I studied Design Studies at Southampton Solent University specialising in Graphic Design. I have also worked seasonally for an English Language School for 13 years, working with children from all around the world. I worked as a Graphic Designer and was also a Teaching Assistant before becoming a Teacher. My aim is to offer as many opportunities to our pupils as possible especially business enterprise which helps pupils understand how to take a product to market, not just how to make it.



Harry Peake

Drama Teacher, Head of Endeavour                   

Hello, I'm Mr Peake and I teach PBL, Performing Arts and Drama at The Swanage School! I studied Musical Theatre at The Italia Conti Academy for Theatre Arts in London and worked as an actor and singer before training as a teacher at Warwick University. I love all aspects of Performing Arts and hope to pass on the passion I have for my subject to students at TSS.



Daniel Ringrow

Maths Teacher , Head of Victory                                           

Mr Ringrow is a teacher of mathematics and outdoor education. He has an honors degree from the University of Southampton and a PGCE from Buckingham. Outside of the classroom, he is responsible for the Ten Tors hiking training programme. 




Cheryl Sutton

 English Teacher                                                   

Mrs Sutton works primarily in the English faculty but also teaches mathematics. She has an M.A. in Educational Management and was previously a Headteacher for over 12 years. In addition she has an NPQH and has held several other Senior Leadership roles in school over a career that spans 26 years. She cares for, nurtures and challenges her students, encouraging them to rise to each challenge and to be the best that they can be.



Matt Walling

Computer Science Teacher                               




Teaching Assistants


Kate Anderson-Doig

Teaching Assistant                               






Mandy Brennan








Ruth Brierley







Sue Fane







Matt Hamilton

Teaching Assistant                                         






 Ella Joynes

Teaching Assistant                                                    






Lisa Vallely

Teaching Assistant                                               






Ashleigh Wright

Teaching Assistant                                               




Christina Badger

Teaching Assistant                                               





Support Staff

Alison Atkins

Catering Assistant                                           







Nikki Birch

Morning Receptionist                                           






Francesca Bollani

Data Manager & Exams Officer                    






Kathryn Crompton

Lunchtime Assistant & Science Technician






Bethani Evans

 Cover Supervisor




Ben Gibbard

Technical Support                                             






Pamela Holt







Kelly James

Science Technician






Andrea Knapman

Office Manager







Olga Kravchenko

Catering Manager







Nikki Lardner

Art/DT Technician







Brian Lewis

 Minibus Driver




Tina Lumley

 Cover Supervisor



Mandy Sands

Safeguarding & Welfare Officer







Gary Stone

Facilities Manager





Mitzi Tatman

Lunchtime Supervisor



Nicky Taylor

Afternoon Receptionist






Lucy Tucker

Catering Assistant



Jacqui Wilson

HR & Admin Assistant




Tutor Time

The Swanage School operates a vertical tutor group system in line with 'human scale education' principles. Vertical tutor groups are made up of all year groups which enable relationships to be forged across the school rather than just in year groups, creating a real sense of school community. Tutor groups register every morning and every afternoon together.

Morning registration is 10 minutes long and allows students to welcome and be welcomed as well as having time to prepare for the day.

Afternoon tutor time is 30 minutes long. This time is used for whole-school assemblies, house assemblies, inter-house competitions, time for reflection (eg, completing the learning log), peer mentoring and so on.

Inclusive Teaching

All students have talents and many may also have additional educational needs. As a small school, our qualified teachers and SEN coordinator will operate in a setting where abilities can be more easily spotted and nurtured and challenges identified and acted upon. If you have questions about this, please contact us.