Admissions Consultation

30 October-17 December 2023

Proposal to Reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN)


Education Swanage – trading as The Swanage School - invites you to take part in a consultation about a proposal to reduce the Published Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 from 84 to 72, with effect from September 2025. The proposal will bring the academy admission number in line with resources at the school and reflect historical admission numbers.  

The Swanage School is a Single Academy Trust & Free School located at The High Street, Swanage, Dorset BH19 2PH.  The school has a current annual PAN of 84 students, totaling a number on roll (NOR) of 420 students across years 7-11. The proposed reduction to 72 students per year group would reduce the maximum school population to 360. 

This reduction in PAN will not affect the ethos, values and success of the school but will ensure that the quality of education and the available facilities are maintained.  

The Swanage School is committed to serving the local children and local community. 

We are keen to hear your views on this matter and the consultation period will commence on 30th October 2023 and continue until 17th December 2023.   

The Swanage School has been judged by OFSTED to be a good school when last subject to a full inspection. 

Our vision is to be an outstanding school that improves life opportunities for all students. We are committed to making The Swanage School a leader in innovative teaching and learning, to delivering an exceptional education, and to developing children's aspirations and life skills. We want students to look back on their time at The Swanage School affectionately and to be able to progress to further and higher education and/or training and enjoy the career of their choice. 

 The Swanage School Charter 

The Swanage School has an innovative, intellectually challenging curriculum where: 

  • Excellence is central to teaching and learning 

  • It is a pleasure to teach and learn 

  • Every student’s needs are understood and catered for 

  • Students are known and treated as individuals 

  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility 

  • All aspects of development are encouraged: Intellectual, Physical, Creative, Emotional, Moral, and Spiritual 

  • Students’ positive experiences of school extend into their adult lives 

  • Behaviour is characterised by respect for others and the environment 

  • Staff are supported through continuing professional development 

  • Parents and local residents are welcomed as partners in learning 

  • Horizons and global awareness are broadened through national and international trips and partnerships.

Our Strategy 

We regularly review our strategy, in line with our vision & ethos. You can see our overall strategy for teaching, learning and pastoral care here: our strategy

Small is beautiful 

The Swanage School has been created on human scale principles, which means that strong and genuine relationships – within school, with the local community and with the wider world – are at its heart. The school combines local learning with a global outlook. 
We believe an effective way to drive up standards and students’ ambition is to create a small, local learning community where teachers can build relationships with each and every child and their family. Being happy and well cared for at school will provide the best recipe for achieving the best academic success.  

Why is The Swanage School proposing to reduce capacity?  

A reduction in PAN will maintain the benefits of the school’s human scale ethos and small class sizes. Based on past data over time and future predictions the proposed PAN number of 72 is in line with local demand. This ensures there will be no additional pressure on existing space and resources.  

What will this mean for parents/carers wanting a place for their child at The Swanage School in 2025-26 and beyond?  

Based on historical intake, there will be little difference for parents/carers wanting a place for their child from 2025 onwards. The admission criteria for the annual Year 7 intake of 72 places will remain unchanged from previous arrangements, as per our current admissions policy, which can be found here:

The Swanage School will continue to operate within the Dorset Council admissions scheme.  That is, parents applying for a place in the normal admissions round (i.e. September entry) do so via the Dorset Council application process. More details on this can be found here: Dorset council secondary school admissions.  

Applications for entry outside of the normal application round (i.e. due to a move to the area or a transfer from another school) are made directly to the school.  

Who are we consulting with? 

In line with the School Admissions Code 2021, we are consulting with: 

  1. parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen 

  1. other persons in the relevant area who in the opinion of the admission authority have an interest in the proposed admissions

  1. all other admission authorities within the relevant area

  1. the local authority. 

How can you give your views?  

Your views are important to us.  Please complete the response form below:

Consultation response form

If you would like a printed copy of this consultation document and the response form, please get in touch with our Business Manager, by calling the school office on 01929 500599. 

 The closing date for the consultation is 17th December 2023.