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In 2021, The Swanage School Presents...


The Swanage School are "off to see the Wizard" and we invite our students to join us on our magical journey!

We are hoping to cast a diverse groups of actors in our musical adaptation of this wonderful story and will announce more on this shortly!

If you would like to be part of the production, but not take a lead role, we will be holding a meeting regarding this when we return to school.



Cast List

HUNK / SCARECROW (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Good physical performer needed. Strong movement and singing voice required.

HICKORY / TINMAN (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Highly strung and sensitive individual. Good physical skills. Strong movement and singing voice required.

ZEKE / LION (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Good character / performers. Charismatic. Strong movement and singing voice required.

MISS GULCH / WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Character actor to play the iconic Wicked Witch of the West.

PROFESSOR / WIZARD OF OZ (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Eccentric outsider. Doubles with Oz - a character in search of themselves.

TOTO PUPPETEER / FARM HAND (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Looking for a versatile actor to puppeteer Toto when in Oz / doubles in Kansas as the farm hand.

GLINDA (LEAD) FEMALE: Warm hearted, sparkly and glamorous. Strong singing voice.

GUARD (LEAD) MALE OR FEMALE: Officious and nervous. Good character actor.

AUNTY EM (SUPPORTING) FEMALE: Harassed and struggling Auntie of Dorothy.

UNCLE HENRY (SUPPORTING) MALE: Overly burdened farmer struggling with keeping farm going.


You have climbed a beanstalk but now, up in the clouds, you miss his home life more and more. You begin to question your decision to climb this large strange plant and worry how you will ever get down. You speak to a black crow. (American accent (if you can) and lots of energy).

Don't poke my eyes out! I'm not one of those sisters! I'm not - wait! Don't leave! I'm sorry - I'm getting a little, I'm a little anxious up here. By myself. But don't leave. I don't know if you can tell, but, I-I-I'm kind of a little bit stuck up here, and...I don't want to be alone.


See, I didn't...really...think that I'd make it this far up. Although, I've always been a bit of a climber. When I was nine months old, my mom found me sitting on top of the  brown cow in the barn one morning. I never considered myself afraid of heights before, but it's not really the climbing up that scares me. It's the getting down, Black Crow...It seemed so easy getting here - just put one foot on the branch then another and...Oh. I've tried going down already. I put my foot on a branch, but it's slippery now. See? It's like the sludge at the bottom of the pig trough, And you do not want be climbing down from the clouds on pig sludge! I'd fly off and land down there in a broken bone pile. PLEASE GET ME DOWN!

Our Leading Lady!

Who will play our leading lady?

The audition videos are in and we are almost ready to announce who will play the iconic role of Dorothy Gale in our production of "The Wizard of Oz".

We had lots of great submissions which is making the decision very tough indeed!!

Our version will defiantly break the traditions of this production as we put our very own Swanage School stamp on this timeless musical.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Performing Arts at The Swanage School

Our annual production is the talk of the town! Huge numbers of students are involved front and back-stage each year, rehearsing hard to put on a show worthy of the West End!

For more information on our shows see our Performing Arts page.