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Virtual School

Your feedback please

Our virtual school opened on 20 April, using Microsoft TEAMS. Please remember this is new for all of us - pupils, parents and staff - and we expected a few teething problems along the way. We would value your feedback on the first week and ask you to please take a few moments to complete the short survey below.

Key information

  • We recommend parents and pupils view the video guides below before you start, to familiarise yourself with the features of the virtual school, and how to navigate it.
  • We have taken a phased approach to opening. In the first week (w/c 20th April), we started with English, Maths and Science work only. In the second week (w/c 27th April) will be PRE, PBL and Option subjects.
  • When teachers activate their classes, students will be sent a notification to their school email account.
  • Students login to Microsoft TEAMS using this link to access the virtual school.
  • Students should login with the user names and passwords that they use in school.
  • Any issues with logins please follow this link to the IT support desk.

  • When in Microsoft TEAMS, students will see the classes (now called TEAMS).
  • The best way to start is probably by getting to know the "class notebook" feature in each TEAM/class, reading through and starting some tasks set by the teachers.
  • Each TEAM/class will have a timetable published on their welcome page to let them know when teachers will be available online for that particular class.
  • Teachers will be monitoring messages from students in their classes and responding daily.

Video guides


The Swanage School guide to using Microsoft Teams


Student and parent guide to Microsoft Teams


Short guide on signing in for the first time


Our SENCO's guide to the Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams