Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

The Swanage School Ofsted Report

A message from Mr Hobson:

It is with great delight that I can confirm Ofsted have declared The Swanage School a “Good” school. 

Our first full inspection took place on 20th and 21st May 2015 and the inspectors clearly liked what they saw. They felt that the quality and strength of relationships in the school made each child’s experience of school a positive one.  They were pleased with the progress made by all the children in the school and said that the school was well led.

The report is available here.

It is not a long document and I would urge you to read it in full, but here is a snapshot:

About our ethos:

  • “Each student is well known and strong relationships permeate the school”
  • “The school is a calm place and students feel safe.”
  • “Students are very well cared for.”
  • “All students, whatever their background, need or ability, have an equal chance of success; discrimination is not tolerated”
  • “Students are proud of their school”

About the teaching:

  • “Teachers know each student’s individual needs very well.”
  • “Teaching assistants are highly effective in supporting students’ learning.”
  • “Teachers are passionate about their subjects. Their passion and enthusiasm motivate students to want to learn.”

 About the students’ behaviour:

  • “Students engage positively with their learning and work well alongside their teachers and each other.”
  • “The school is a calm place and behaviour in lessons is very positive.”
  • “Students follow instructions swiftly, work well on their own and with each other. Students exhibit very positive attitudes to their learning.”


  • “Work in books and the school’s information on students’ achievement indicate that they make good progress”
  • “The most able students achieve well”
  • “Students are inquisitive about their subjects and want to learn more as they strive to achieve the very highest grades”

About the leadership:

  • “The headteacher communicates very high expectations to both staff and students. He is ably supported by senior leaders.”
  • “Leaders hold staff rigorously to account for students’ achievement” and “are assiduous in their evaluation of the quality of teaching”
  • “Members of the governing body are highly skilled”
  • “Students, particularly the student council, play an active part in shaping the school.”

About managing the finances:

  • “The pupil premium funding is carefully targeted to ensure each student receives effective personalised support to enable them to be successful”.

Our emphasis, as always, is how to improve still further, to go from Good to Outstanding, and the report agreed with the areas that we have already been working on: rolling out a literacy programme across all subjects, ensuring that feedback is consistent in all areas, working on the presentation skills of some students, and continuing to ensure that students of all abilities are encouraged to do their very best.

There are, arguably, three measures of success for a school: being fully subscribed, having a good Ofsted report and having good GCSE results.  We are currently oversubscribed for year 7 starting in September 2015, we now have a good Ofsted report and our predicted GCSE grades for our first cohort in summer 2016 are excellent.

This success would not be possible without support from our parents and the wider community.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us to make the school the success it is and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Tristram Hobson