Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

Welcome to The Swanage School

Academic ambition

We promise to help your child achieve the best they can. Our deliberately ambitious target is to be among the top tier of Dorset schools, judged both by the progress students make and by the percentage of students who leave with five grade 5 to 9 GCSE passes including English and Maths. We envisage that a large majority of our students will surpass that national baseline, with some gaining up to 13 GCSEs. We believe it is our duty to ensure every student who comes through our doors achieves the best possible outcome.

How will we achieve this?

Through hard work, proven teaching methods and individual support for your child.

As a human scale school – with smaller numbers in each year and each class – we will know your child well and employ resources so that he or she attains the highest exam results in subjects that will be useful in their career and further education.

Dedicated teachers

As our school has grown we have hand-picked staff who demonstrate outstanding teaching and who show experience of achieving exceptional progress with their students or a clarity of vision for doing so. 

All of our teachers are dedicated to the rigorous and innovative education systems we have developed and work as a team, everyone pulling in the same direction.

We are never complacent and continuously review our organisation. To ensure that our school is attractive to the best teachers we are establishing links with great schools in the UK and abroad and are committed to on-going career development.

Engaged students

Students are enthused by friendly and knowledgeable staff and are drawn into learning through interesting projects taught in school and beyond. Students enjoy ‘Challenge Days’ where normal lessons are replaced with whole school, house or year group investigations, activities and trips that make learning memorable and fun.

Of course, learning is enhanced by our modern classrooms, labs, workshops, sports facilities and performance spaces. But the quality of teaching is more important.

Supportive atmosphere

House groups meet regularly to celebrate successes and to help each other. Our staff meet frequently to discuss how students are doing and what can be improved the very next day. Tutors have regular contact with students and parents to discuss progress and any concerns.

We won’t let any child fall through the net.


Equipped for life

There are two types of learners – those who think that talents are natural and those who think that talents are learned.

Those who believe talents are natural are often gifted in some areas and find them easy.  But they can suffer if they meet failure at any point, because they believe there is no way they can improve. They give up at the first attempt and stick to what they are good at.

But resilient learners know that talents can be learned and that failures and mistakes are just part of the process. They know it is fine not to know something – they just have to learn it. They can confidently say: ‘I don’t know this – yet.’

This is why students at The Swanage School will learn resilience – the strength of character to try things, to learn from mistakes and to go on to greater things.

This will set your child on course for a life full of ambition, confidence and success.

A new type of school

The Swanage School is an Academy school, established through the Department for Education's Free School process. The school is run by fully qualified staff and overseen by an Academy Trust called Education Swanage.

The Trust is open to all members of the community who sign up to its aims.

The Governing Body comprises the headteacher and elected members of the Trust, and includes staff and parents. The students vote to elect their own Student Council.

The Swanage School operates independently of the local authority, with its budget supplied directly by the Department for Education.