Challenge Week 2024

Challenge Week in 2024 will run from 15-19 July. Important details of all Challenges, along with information on the sign-up process and payment, can be found in our Challenge Week brochure. 

Challenge Week brochure pdf
Challenge Week brochure flipbook

What is Challenge Week?

To develop deeper learning and enable exciting experiences we have a Challenge Week every year. This takes place at the end of the academic year in July. We offer a range of residential trips in the UK and abroad, as well as week‑long investigations in and around school. 

During Challenge Week we want students to have fun, but also intend for them to challenge themselves and try new things, to see places they've not been to before, to learn new skills, broaden their horizons and develop new friendships. 

Previous trips have seen students hiking in Derbyshire, bungy-jumping on the Isle of Wight, sailing in France, visiting volcanoes in Spain, crafting eco-art at Arne, theatre-going in London, exploring the Jurassic Coast and surfing in Cornwall. There is also an option of enjoying day trips and activities whilst camping on the school field! Something for everyone, and something for all budgets. 


Challenge Days

These are days when the school timetable is collapsed and provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.

They might be:

  • Whole-school events, such as Sports Day, whole school team-building, or a service for the community like beach cleaning.
  • Year group events. These might be linked to the curriculum, for example a local history investigation at Tyneham or Studland, or a maths or science investigation, or a visit to a gallery in London. Or these might be to develop a PSHEE (personal, social, health or enterprise education) project such as alcohol awareness, a drama production or business activities, or afford chance for students to gain an extra-curricular qualification like a Certificate in First Aid or Food Hygiene. 
  • Inter-Crew events.

Challenge Days are often based on a theme. For example, recent Challenge Days have had the themes 'Healthy Body', 'Healthy Mind' and 'Healthy Planet'.