Summer School 2021

The aim of the programme, funded by the Department for Education, was to enable face-to-face summer schools in the summer of 2021, offering a blend of academic education and enrichment activities following the 'lockdowns' required as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. This was to provide for pupils identified by the school as being most in need of educational recovery and wellbeing support. We used the funding to provide a week long summer school programme for pupils in Year 6, transitioning to the school in September 2021, in addition to inviting pupils from older year groups.

Summary of Summer School Income & Expenditure July 2021


  Days Attended Day Rate Total
ESFA / DfE Income 206 £59.70 £12,298.20


Support Staff     £2,418.25
Teaching Staff     £4,125.25
Total Staff Costs     £6,543.50
Non- Staff  Per Day Total Pupil Days Total
Food Costs  £4.00 206 £824.00
Fuel Costs     £100.00
Materials, Guest Speakers & Prizes     £1,574.00
Additional Utilities & Other Costs - such as Cleaning Material & PPE     £1,500.00
Total Non-Staff Costs     £3,998.00
Total Costs     £10,541.50