Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding school that improves life opportunities for all students.

We are committed to making The Swanage School a leader in innovative teaching and learning, to delivering an exceptional education, and to developing children's aspirations and life skills. We want students to look back on their time at The Swanage School affectionately and to be able to progress to further and higher education and the career of their choice. 

The Swanage School Charter

The Swanage School has an innovative, intellectually challenging curriculum where:

  • Excellence is central to teaching and learning
  • It is a pleasure to teach and learn
  • Every student’s needs are understood and catered for
  • Students are known and treated as individuals
  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility
  • All aspects of development are encouraged: Intellectual, Physical, Creative, Emotional, Moral, and Spiritual
  • Students’ positive experiences of school extend into their adult lives
  • Behaviour is characterised by respect for others and the environment
  • Staff are supported through continuing professional development
  • Parents and local residents are welcomed as partners in learning
  • Horizons and global awareness are broadened through national and international trips and partnerships


Small is beautiful

The Swanage School has been created on human scale principles, which means that strong and genuine relationships – within school, with the local community and with the wider world – are at its heart. The school combines local learning with a global outlook.

We believe an effective way to drive up standards and students’ ambition is to create a small, local learning community where teachers can build relationships with each and every child and their family. Being happy and well cared for at school will provide the best recipe for achieving the best academic success.