What is 'Crew'?

With 'Crew', we aim to 'create an educational environment where students take independent ownership of their character, ambitions and productivity, and where we add value to, and are valued by, the local community.'

All students are part of a Crew, a small group that meet with a teacher, their 'Crew Leader', for 10 minutes each morning and for 30 minutes after lunch. 'Crew-time' has replaced 'tutor-time' - it is similar but has a different emphasis.  Crew is structured around four pillars - character, ambition, productivity and community, each of which has 'deliverable' outcomes for students.

The concept of crew builds on the fundamental principles of what The Swanage School is all about:

  • we are human scale - we know and value every member of the The Swanage School
  • we are part of the community
  • we have high ambitions and aspirations for all
  • we value strong links between pastoral and academic

The Swanage School Way has an affinity with our research into the principles of expeditionary learning which Crew supports, and which values:

  • self-discovery
  • fostering curiosity
  • responsibility for learning
  • mutual respect and trust
  • learning from 'failures'
  • collaboration and competition
  • diversity and inclusion
  • valuing the natural world
  • time alone for reflection
  • service and compassion