Using Microsoft TEAMS

We use Microsoft Teams as our primary online platform. All students will have an account and will be given guidance during initial computing lessons to make sure they quickly become familiar with navigating this technology. Students will be a member of a 'Team' for each group they are in - their Crew, teaching groups and even some extra-curricular club groups - and will see these on their landing page.

Through 'Teams' and associated 'SharePoint' sites, students can communicate with teachers, see what Curriculum Support Activities (CSA) - 'Assignments' - they have been set, submit and store their work, gain access to teaching materials and resources for lessons they wish to review or catch up on if they have been off school, and see the subject 'route-maps'.

We strongly encourage parents to become familiar with Microsoft Teams too, using your child's account. This will let you see their CSA assignments, the subject route-maps and subject resources, enabling conversations with them about their school work and progress.

Video guides

The Swanage School guide to using Microsoft Teams

Student and parent guide to Microsoft Teams

Short guide on signing in for the first time

Our SENCO's guide to the Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams

Need help with logging in or other technical issues?

Raise a request for technical support via phone on 01929 500599 or by emailing

For subject-related help, please speak to the relevant teacher.