Clubs for everyone!

At the Swanage School we expect almost all our students to take part in at least one after school club each week. Many students attend several clubs a week.

Clubs are usually run on a half-termly basis and whilst some will remain constant, others will change. Past clubs have included chess, choir, astronomy, cake baking, gardening, media, newsletter, sign language, computer programming and Ten Tors, as well as sports clubs such as football, netball, badminton and basketball. 

A student-led model

Increasingly, clubs are run on the basis of giving students autonomy to lead and manage the club or project being worked on, providing experience of real-life challenges and skills. The Race Team and Astronomy Team, for example, are run on this basis, with students working in small groups such as 'logistics', 'marketing', 'technical' and 'finance' to progress the development of the overall Team. The Girls' Football Team is run by some of our student Sports Ambassadors. 

Our Race Team

As part of the Greenpower UK initiative, we participate in Formula 24 racing, with 2022 our inaugural season. Students apply for roles within the team, having undertaken online training relevant to the position being applied for, and, with only a little guidance, take responsibility for the build of the car, sponsorship deals and for the logistics of attending race days. 

Our Astronomy Team

Run along similar lines, 2021 saw the development of a new Astronomy Team in school. Students researched the telescope required and worked with staff to get this purchased and another donated telescope refurbished. Events will raise funds for the building of an observatory to house the telescopes and, before holding viewing nights, students will research visibility, weather patterns and the celestial bodies and galaxies they aim to view.