Welcome to The Swanage School!

It is always a great pleasure to welcome our new intake of students to The Swanage School and getting to know you all.

Transition arrangements for new Year 7 students are communicated to all new students and their parents/carers during the last term of primary school and in the period leading up to the start of the academic year. This will include a comprehensive 'Parent Pack' which gives plenty of information about school life and practical arrangements.

Transition day

All local schools agree a common date for a 'transition day' to take place before the summer holidays which enables Year 6 pupils, who will be starting with us in the September, to visit us for the day. This is a great opportunity to meet teachers and to start making new friends. We make sure it is a relaxed but exciting day!

Our message to new students

Please don't worry, you will soon feel right at home! So that you can get a feel for the school we have uploaded a video tour and answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. Before you start, we will ask you to provide us with some information about your likes and dislikes, your friends, and your hopes and worries. This enables us to get to know you a little before you start and, where we can, to ensure that you are in a 'Crew' and classes with at least one of your current friends. Remember, you will make lots of new friends too, with children who have been to other primary schools. 

Transition for students with SEND

Parents of children who have SEND can email our SENCo, Mrs Beresford, to discuss any enhanced transition needs. We will be working hard behind the scenes to support transition, talking to primary schools to identify needs and how best to support our new students. 


Take a ten minute tour with students


All about The Swanage School!


Towards the end of term, we send all parents/carers a comprehensive parent pack. This will include updates in relation to any adaptations still in place to our usual routines in relation to Covid-19. Therefore, depending on how things go, you may find that some things differ slightly from the norm, and from the information below. 

What will happen on my first day in school?

We are planning something very special for your first day/s with us and will write to you about this before you start. Last year, we took our new students to Go Ape for the day so they could get to know each other, and us, whilst having fun! On your first day in school, you will be welcomed into the school, learn about your Crew and about what will happen for the rest of the day. You will get your timetable on your first day which will tell you who your teachers are and when you have your lessons. We will talk to you about what is expected in school and what happens during the school day.

What will I need to bring with me on my first day in school?

You will need to be in your school uniform, and you will need to bring in any equipment you have to help you learn such as a pencil, pen and ruler. You will not need all your PE kit for the first day but it may be a good idea to have some trainers in your bag in case you need them.

Information on school uniform and equipment can be found here.

You will also need a packed lunch if you bring one, or make sure you have funds on your Parent Pay account to buy lunch from the school canteen. If you have free school meals you will be able to get lunch from the canteen.

What are the times of the day?

8.30 to 8.40 Registration in your Crew
8.40 to 9.40 Period 1
9.40 to 10.40 Period 2
10.40 to 11.00 Break time
11.00 to 12.00 Period 3
12.00 to 1.00 Period 4
1.00 to 1.50 Lunch time
1.50 to 2.20 Crew time
2.20 to 3.20 Period 5

School finishes at 3.20 unless you are staying for a club or are waiting for the school bus.

Who do I speak to if I am worried about something?

Your Crew Leader is the person who is responsible for supporting you through all aspects of being at school and they are normally the person to speak to first. All teachers understand though that starting a new school is a big thing and they will be approachable if you need to speak to them about something. You can also talk to your Head of Year or Ms Sands, our Safeguarding & Welfare Officer. If you are very anxious, we have a School Counsellor we can refer you to. 

Where are the toilets and when can I use them?

There are two block of toilets, one downstairs and one upstairs. The downstairs toilets are between the Atrium and the DT area. The upstairs toilets are between the Hub and the Science area. You can use the toilets during breaktime and lunchtime. If you need to use them during lesson time, then just ask your teacher. We will want you to normally use the toilet during break and lunch, but we will not stop you from using the toilet during a lesson if you need to.

Will I be with my friends?

We will try to place you into Crew groups and class groups with some people you know. It is not always possible to place you with everyone you know, and you will not necessarily be with your friends during every lesson. You will see your friends during break and lunch time, and you will also make new friends.

What if I get lost?

Luckily, we are very small school, so it is very unlikely! You will quickly learn where everything is and if you are not sure than ask a teacher or another student - they will understand that you are not sure where things are.

What if someone bullies me?

We are a kind and caring community so it is very unlikely that someone will bully you. If they do, or if they say something upsetting to you it is important that you inform your teachers so that we can deal with it quickly. Your Crew Leader or Head of Year will normally be the person to speak to but if it happens in a lesson make sure you tell your class teacher.

Will I get homework?

Yes - we set regular curriculum support activities (CSA). In Year 7 this will focus on Maths, English and Science. You should not worry about this, you will be set a manageable amount and if you have a problem with a CSA then it is important that you tell your teacher in advance or ask your parents to contact the class teacher.

What do I do if I lose something?

Lost property is placed in the Lost Property Box, although any valuable items such as phones will be kept in the school office. If you lose something, look for it where you might have left it or go to the Lost Property Box to see if it is there; if not, ask at reception. 

Are the teachers strict? Will they shout at me and tell me off?

Your teachers will have high expectations of you, and this will not change. They will not shout at you but may need to raise their voice if they need to get your attention. If you are working hard in lessons and being polite to everyone then is is unlikely you will be told off. We have a restorative approach in school, and we want you to learn from any experience you may have if you do something wrong. Learning how to relate and be polite to one another is just as important as any work we do in lessons.

What do I do in lessons if I am not sure what to do or if I have a question?

This is a normal part of lessons and learning, we expect that you will want to ask questions. If you need to, then put your hand up and ask your teacher for help.

What do I do if I don't feel well?

If you are in a lesson tell your teacher, they will help you. If you feel ill during break or lunch then go to reception or find the member of staff on duty.

Is there somewhere quiet I can go at break or lunch?

Yes, we have a quiet area in the Hub for those of you who need it. If you want to access this support please speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or a member of the Hub team.

What food can I get from the cafe?

The cafe serves a wide variety of food and there is usually something for everyone. As well as a different main course each day you will be able to buy pasta or baguettes or sandwiches. During break time you will be able to buy snacks. When you buy food and drink from the cafe you will be using a cashless system. Your parents will pay money into a ParentPay account and you will have your thumb print scanned to use at the tills, which then connects to this account. 

Should I bring a drink with me?

Yes, bring a bottle of water every day in a refillable bottle. We have water fountains in school where you can refill these during break or lunch, but do not provide plastic cups! We also sell drinks in the cafe but this is no substitute for having your own water bottle. 

Can I have my phone on me in school?

If you bring your phone to school you must keep it switched off and out of sight during the school day.  We do not allow students to use phones or other mobile devices, such as smart watches, during lessons, break or lunch time. This is to keep you safe and also make sure you are not distracted during lessons. If your parents need to speak to you then they can contact reception.

What do I do with my coat and bag during the day?

You keep your things with you during the day and are responsible for looking after them!

Will I need my PE kit every day?

No, you will only need your PE kit on the days you have PE lessons, or may be asked to come in wearing your PE kit on PE days.

School life

Curious about school life? You'll find more information about how we organise things at The Swanage School by browsing the pages of our website. 

Student leadership and the School Council

There are loads of opportunities for students to get involved - take a look at our Student Leadership and Student Council pages.

What's for lunch?

See a sample lunch menu here. We run a cashless canteen: your parents will pay in advance for your meals through our ParentPay system and you use your thumbprint at the till!

At Christmas your teachers will serve you lunch!

After school clubs

Lots of activities run after school and we hope you'll get involved! Clubs change on a frequent basis but you'll get a good idea of the sort of thing that will be on offer by taking a look at our clubs information.


Our Challenge Days and Challenge Weeks are one of the things that make The Swanage School unique and provide opportunities for all students to get involved in exciting activities and trips. You'll be given more information after you start at the school but if you want to find out more you could take a look at our challenge page, have a read what it's all about and take a look at the type of trips and activities we plan.


At The Swanage School you'll be able to get involved in a wide range of sports whether you like playing just for fun or want to represent the school. See our sports page for more information.