What does the Student Council do?

Watch the launch video for the 2020 Student Council to find out what the Student Council does, the benefits of being a member and the responsibilities of the various roles.

Video launch of the 2020 Student Council

Other student leadership opportunities

See also our student leadership page for information on other ways for students to get involved with helping to run the school.

"I designed the logo for the Student Council carefully, making sure that everything I included had a reason to be there. One of the main qualities a Student Council needs is to strive for constant growth. I believe that the team can hopefully achieve some improvement, hence why the graph in the background is going up. The two pupils holding hands are there to represent the teamwork aspect of being part of the Student Council. I put a copy of the school logo at the top of the design, so everyone knows how proud we are to be part of The Swanage School. The colours around the sides represent the four houses: Challenger, Endeavour, Halsewell and Victory, and the unity they share" (Rose, Public Relations Officer, 2020)

Student Council

The Student Council is not only a mechanism for students to have a say in the running of the school, it is also a reflection of its culture – that all members of the community have a say in shaping the school.

All students have the opportunity to have their voices heard through The Student Council, which is elected by the student body. The Student Council meets regularly and outcomes of meetings are shared and discussed across the school.