Curriculum - Years 10 and 11

Years 10 and 11 are the fourth and fifth years at secondary school, when students study and take their GCSEs and equivalent courses. Students will have chosen their options during Year 9.

All students follow the core curriculum; other subjects are available as options. Option subjects are taught in mixed ability classes while core subjects may be ‘set’ in ability groups to target help to students at different stages.

What subjects does my child study?

All students follow a core curriculum and study GCSEs in these subjects:

Students can also study four of the following options:

Of this list, students must study at least one of Computer Science, French, Geography or History.

All students also have classes in:

Vocational Subjects

Some students prefer to follow a more work-related programme.

Instead of taking options, a range of vocational courses can be made available. Vocational courses are highly personalised and set up on an individual basis.

If this is something your child might be interested in, please speak to the Headteacher.

Subject Presentations

Take a look at our subject presentation videos if you would like a little more information about a subject or see our subject curriculum pages.