At The Swanage School we have set a culture of high standards and this is reflected in our uniform. The Headteacher and Governors believe it is important that our students have a strong identity with their school and wear their uniform with pride, promoting good behaviour while at school and in the wider community. Uniform also creates cohesion and good relations between students – relationships being a central part of the ethos of the school.

Sports and physical activity at The Swanage School are an integral part of school life and so all students are required to buy the sports kit.

How to Buy Uniform

Uniform is available to order online at Sportswear International.

The uniform must be purchased from our official uniform supplier only - alternatives will not be accepted. A range of items in different sizes is held at The Swanage School for fitting before ordering, if required.

Sportswear International is part of a fairtrade initiative (ethically sourced and managed through the supply chain), providing an online/direct to school or parent service to keep costs down.

Click on the Login/Register button at the top of the page, followed by the Register New Account button. Simply enter your details, select The Swanage School from the list and your account will be created.

Second-hand uniform (when it is available) will be sold at the school, with any proceeds going to the school.

The Swanage School reserves the right to ask for shoes or items of uniform to be changed if they do not conform to the guidelines, with discretion reserved where a student has a reasonable excuse, such as a medical condition.

Girls Uniform

From official supplier:

  • Grey suit jacket with school logo
  • Grey suit trousers OR suit skirt
  • Grey slipover jumper with blue stripe on neckline (optional)
  • Tie (optional)

To be purchased elsewhere:

  • Grey/black/natural tights
  • Grey/white/black socks
  • White blouse with revere collar and no tie OR plain white shirt with school tie
  • Plain black school shoes

Boys Uniform

From official supplier:

  • Grey suit jacket with school logo
  • Grey suit trousers
  • Grey slipover jumper with blue stripe on neckline (optional)
  • School tie

To be purchased elsewhere:

  • White shirt (short-sleeved shirts acceptable in summer)
  • Grey/black socks
  • Plain black school shoes

Sports Kit For All

From official supplier:

  • Navy/sky polo top
  • Navy/white trim shorts/skirt
  • Navy sports hoodie
  • Blue Coolmax sports socks

May be purchased elsewhere:

  • Athletic lace-up trainers suitable for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces (no 'fashion' pumps/high-tops)
  • Studded footwear for use on grass (optional, moulded studs rather than metal/plastic are recommended)
  • Plain navy tracksuit trousers (options, but recommended for cold weather)
  • Black/navy waterproof top for inclement weather (optional, but students are not permitted to wear coats for PE)
  • Swimming costume/trunks and towel for water sports
  • Gum shield for use in hockey/rugby etc
  • Shinpads for use in hockey/football etc
  • Hair bands for any student with long hair
  • Water bottle
  • Cricket box/abdomen protector (optional)

Uniform Guidance

Sensible, smart, plain, black shoes with a maximum heel height of 1 inch. 'Trainer' type shoes or canvas shoes, for example, are not permitted. For clarification, any 'trainer' or canvas shoe with a sporting brand/label will not be permitted. Please be aware that even if a sports shop or brand labels a trainer as a shoe, we will still consider it to be a trainer.

Jewellery and piercings
Students are not allowed to wear jewellery. The only exception to this rule is for items mandated by a student's religion and single small ear studs (no more than one in each ear). The school does not permit the wearing of nose rings/studs or any other piercing. However students may wear a small, clear, discrete retainer in these piercings should they choose to.

In years 7 - 9, students are not allowed to wear make-up. From year 10, if worn, make-up must be subtle. Nail varnish must not be worn. 

Hair colour must be natural/one colour. Extreme fashion hairstyles will not be acceptable. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back in certain situations for safety reasons.

Outer coats
Students are encouraged to wear sensible weatherproof coats in inclement weather. They must be plain and any logo must be small. Cotton hoodies are not acceptable.

Ties must be worn correctly - top button done up and tie up to the collar. Where students have damaged ties, for example by removing threads, they must be replaced with an undamaged tie.

School suit jackets
Jackets must be worn at all times around the school unless otherwise specified by a member of staff. Jackets may be taken off during lessons.

Skirts and trousers
Skirts must not be rolled up and should be worn to a respectable length. The expectation is that skirts and trousers will be purchased from our official supplier (to complete the suit). If there is a need to purchase elsewhere for sizing reasons, skirts/trousers should be of the same grey colour as the jacket and a close match in style to the items from the official supplier.

Books (and equipment) must be carried to and from school in a suitable bag - one that is able to carry A4 size folders. 

ALL uniform items/bags/coats/shoes should be clearly named. 

Students must not use their phones throughout the school day. Students may have their phones in lessons to support their learning if directed by a member of staff but must return them to their bags afterwards. Phones will be confiscated from students if found to be used during the school day and we reserve the right to request that parents/carers pick them up at our discretion.

Equipment List

Students should come prepared to learn every lesson. Most importantly this means arriving in the right state of mind for learning – being ready to work hard. It also means having the right equipment.

Every student must have:

  • A suitable rainproof bag – one that is able to carry A4 size folders.
  • Black pen
  • Green or red pen (for self-assessment)
  • Pencil
  • Coloured pencils
  • Highlighters (red/pink, yellow and green)
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Calculator (with trigonemetric functions)
  • A reading book for private reading

Optional things that come in handy:

  • Glue (eg Pritt Stick)
  • Scissors (safety scissors only please)
  • Pair of compasses

Please ensure all clothing and equipment is clearly labelled with the students full name.

Help with costs

We realise that buying a uniform is expensive and want to help with these costs where we are able to. For students eligible to receive Free School Meals we will subsidise the cost of purchase of the suit and PE kit by 70% (parents only need to pay 30% of the cost). To access this your child needs to be registered as eligible for Free School Meals.

If your child is not eligible for Free School Meals it might still be possible for us to help by paying for your child's uniform, and for you to repay us over the course of the school year. If you feel that this is something you would like to take advantage of please let us know. However, due to our funding regime we will only be able to support a limited number of parents in this way.