Maths Programme

The Maths Department uses several online packages to support students' learning. For support contact your Maths teacher in the first instance.

Dr Frost

The Dr Frost website provides an online learning platform to support learners with thousands of questions, including exam questions, supported with full workings and worked-example videos.

Students are issued with a login and this information should help if you have forgotten your Dr Frost password.

Manga High

Manga High is a game-based learning platform to support the learning of mathematics. It used adaptive quizzes, innovative games and social competitions that are aligned to the National Curriculum and benefits from real-time analytics with AI support for differentiation. Students are set challenges by their teacher.

Students are issued with a login.


No login is required to use Mathsbot. It provides interactive tools, activities and resources for teachers and students to choose from, relating to a wide range of mathematical skills.