Prices 2023-24


Hot drink (free for FSM students) 80p


Savoury snacks
(sausage rolls, savoury slices etc)
Sweet snacks
(cakes, pastries, cookies etc)
Break time special
(not available on FSM allowance)
Crisps £1.15
Chocolate bar £1.15
Fruit pot (small) 70p
Fruit (loose) 40p


Main meal £3.05
Sandwiches / crusty roll / baguette £1.60
Pasta and sauce £2.40
Pasta with cheese £1.85
Plain pasta £1.45
Roll & butter 75p
Soup £2.10
Soup & roll £2.50
Salad bar  £2.85
Side salad 70p
Lite bite £2.35
Portion of chips (when on the menu) £1.45
Dessert of the Day / fresh milkshake £1.15
Jelly 70p
Yoghurt 85p
Ice lolly 95p
Ice lolly - Cornetto £1.15


Juice carton 90p
Milkshake carton £1.15
Cup drink 35p
Hot drink (hot chocolate) 80p
Cans £1.10

All students should have a refillable water bottle.

Free school meals

Students eligible for free school meals will have a daily allowance which they can use for one break time snack or a hot drink and lunch. 'Breaktime specials' and cold drinks are excluded. 

Breaktime snacks are charged at £1, leaving an allowance of up to £3.05 for lunch/dessert items. Please note that as the allowance is intended to provide a snack and a meal at lunchtime, students will only be served more than one snack item, the 'breaktime special' or cold drinks if additional credit has been added by parents/carers via the ParentPay account (see below). 

Breakfast can also be charged to the allowance (charged at 60p), however this will reduce the remaining daily balance (meaning, for example, that lunch items other than the main meal will need to be chosen, or a breaktime snack not taken). 

Not sure if you qualify?

Free school meals allow students to receive a healthy meal on every school day. They are not only beneficial for families, but also provide valuable funding for the school. 

It’s easy to find out if you qualify - complete the confidential checker at or telephone Dorset Council on 01305 221090

Paying for Lunch

  • We operate a cashless payment system. Parents/carers load credit to their ParentPay account which pays for break time snacks and school lunches. At the till, students pay from this account by scanning their fingerprint or giving their name. There is no need to pre-book. 
  • Please ensure your son/daughter’s account is kept in credit. Snacks and drinks will not be served if an account has insufficient credit.
  • If parents/carers would like to set a maximum daily spend on their son/daughter’s account we can arrange this on an individual basis.
  • Students eligible for free school meals will have a daily allowance which can be spent on one break time snack and lunch (see above). 
  • Information is sent out to new parents regarding the setting up of a ParentPay account. Please contact the school office if you have any queries.