Other Online Learning Platforms

The school uses or recommends a number of learning platforms to support students' learning. These may change from time to time, but include:

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning is a free resource to support learning at all levels, across all subjects. Students can choose from a huge range of topics to access quizzes and questions to fast-track their learning, all aligned to the National Curriculum and to specific Exam Board specifications.

Students are given a login and/or can set up a new account to access the platform.

Active Learn

From Pearson Education, Active Learn has a wealth of learning aids, activities and information to help students learn. Thousands of interactive questions and activities are differentiated to help students progress at their own pace and level, and learning support is provided in the form of on-screen hints, video explanations and instant feedback which allows students to work independently to see where they have gone wrong and to try again.

Students will be issued a login.


The school uses Quizlet to support the learning of French in particular, where interactive activities support students' in their understanding of vocabulary and grammar.

Students are issued with a login.

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