Computer Science


Relevant to the modern, changing world of computing, GCSE Computer Science is designed to boost computing skills essential for the 21st Century. The programming elements of the course require logical and methodical thinking and are closely aligned to the skills necessary for Mathematics and Science.

Students with a passion for emerging technologies such as aerospace, autonomous vehicles, robotics, cyber security and artificial intelligence, or those interested in computing infrastructure, will find this an attractive GCSE.

During the GCSE course, students 

  • develop skills to solve problems, design systems and understand human and machine intelligence, through computational thinking
  • apply the academic principles they learn in the classroom to real-world systems in an exciting and engaging way
  • develop programming skills and techniques to solve everyday problems
  • are given a clear progression into higher education


GCSE Computer Science is assessed through two written exams (each worth 50%) and a 20 hour programming project. We deliver the theory topics through classroom teaching and learners will develop understanding over the two year course.

Further information

Exam Board: OCR