Student Leadership

Student leadership at The Swanage School provides exciting opportunities for pupils to gain valuable experience and skills and to be involved in the running of their school. It has five key purposes: 

1. To be a role model to other pupils

Our student leaders handle themselves as if they are members of staff, acting in a responsible manner so that other pupils can be influenced by them and follow their example.

2. To help develop the school

The pupils who are entrusted with leadership positions have ideas as to how to help the continual growth of The Swanage School. Their ideas will be discussed and implemented if possible.

3. Assist Staff

Our student leaders are given positions of responsibility to help staff in the running of the school. This additional accountability will help to develop the leadership skills of the pupils and their character as they are exposed to challenging situations.

4. Represent the School

The Swanage School is an active member of the community and we wish for our pupils to be a voice for the school as much as the staff are. The student leaders show the community what The Swanage School is about through their character.

5. The future of the pupil

Having held a student leadership position is incredibly useful when applying for further education and jobs. However, we do not want experience as a student leader to merely be on a piece of paper. Pupils undergo a training course based on safeguarding and leadership. They are taught how to lead other people, how to deal with difficult situations, what qualities a leader should have, what they should avoid and most importantly how to implement these ideological ideas. The training program is reflective, so pupils will be analyzing leadership situations that they have encountered and how to improve in the future.

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