Travel to & from school

Students are encouraged to travel to school under their own steam, rather than being driven. There are covered cycle racks on site.

  • Students who walk to school may wear trainers en route but must change into school shoes immediately upon arrival.
  • Students cycling to school must wear a cycle helmet and obey the highway code at all times. The school runs ‘bikeability’ courses for those cycling to school.
  • Students scooting to school must show care and consideration for other pavement users and always give way to pedestrians.
  • Students who are driven to school must be dropped off safely, away from the marked yellow zig-zags. It is illegal to stop on these, even for a short period. Only children with mobility difficulties may be dropped off in the school car park.

School Transport (Dorset Council)

The “catchment” area for the school encompasses the whole of the Purbeck Peninsular. Students who live further than three miles from the school and for whom The Swanage School is their catchment school should be entitled to bus travel (from Dorset Council). If you think you are eligible please contact Dorset Council. Details are on their website: 

Aternatively phone Dorset Admissions Team on 01305 221060 and they will post a form out.

School Mini Bus

The school operates a number of mini-bus routes, for which there is a weekly charge, invoiced termly. However these do get full very quickly. Please contact our School Office if you are interested.