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Wellbeing is important at any time, and none more so now that we are all faced with unusual and unsettling times due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the significant impact that it is having on all our lives. 

Looking after your wellbeing by continuing to have a good combination of activity and relaxing down-time, and being able to manage anxiety and stress as best you can, is especially important right now.  There are some great resources that may help; our selection of some good ones is posted below. 

Stress about school-work

One thing to say is please do not feel overwhelmed by the work you are being set, or worry about it. There are no detentions if deadlines are missed! Maintaining a structure to your day and having some kind of routine is important though, for combatting boredom and stress, and continuing to learn will benefit you. However, we know that some of you will have parents who are still going out to work or working from home, that some students are great at self-motivation whereas others find it difficult, or that you or a family member or friend may be ill. We appreciate that every situation is different. There are many other things that are occupying the minds of you and your families at the moment and so please be reassured that we are here to help and support you, and do not want or intend for you to be overwhelmed or stressed. The work is there for when you can manage it or have idle moments, but don't worry if you can't manage it all.  We will continue to keep in touch and are planning to start some online delivery through our new virtual learning environment after Easter, which will hopefully be easier and more engaging than working alone. 


Information and advice

We'd suggest that parents look at resources before or with children, especially if you are anxious about information overload. Some of these resources may also help parents support younger age children. 


Resources for students and parents

Chatter Pack: Supporting a change to routines

Coronavirus and your wellbeing: Information from better health charity Mind

Young Minds: Coronavirus advice and mental health support

Advice about Coronavirus: Easy Read Online - Explaining Coronavirus for Kids

Newsround Coronavirus: Chris and Xand have what you need to know

Brainpop: simple video explaining Coronavirus for children

ELSA Support: self-isolation activities

Mindheart Simple Story: explaining Coronavirus to young children or children with SEND

Signed video: Helping those with communication difficulties understand the current situation

Drama Therapist: Helping young people manage their emotions during this time

WHO video - World Health Organisation video for secondary school pupils and adults

Action for Happiness: responding to Coronavirus

Coping with stress: World Health Organisation poster


Resources particularly for parents

In addition, parents may find the following resources helpful:

DfE guidance on supporting secondary school age children continue their education and manage their wellbeing during Coronavirus

How to talk about Coronavirus: advice on talking to anxious children and teens about Coronavirus 

WHO guidance to support mental health during this time: Mental health considerations during the Covid-19 outbreak, from the World Health Organisation

Unicef: How to talk to your child about Coronavirus

Children's Commissioner: Supporting children during the Coronavirus outbreak

Phoenix Education: Supporting parents support children

Other languages: Coronavirus advice from doctors in 34 different languages

Helping children cope with stress: World Health Organisation poster

Cruse: Dealing with Coronavirus bereavement