The Swanage School Ofsted Report

In our latest Ofsted inspection (November 2023), The Swanage School was judged 'outstanding' for 'personal development. The school's excellence across the board was recognised with 'good' judgements for all other criteria, and with a 'good' grading for overall effectiveness. 

The four criteria judged by Ofsted are:

  • the quality of education
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development
  • leadership and management


Some of the things the inspectors said which make us particularly proud, include:

  • Positive relationships underpin life at the school. 
  • Pupil learn from an innovative curriculum [which is] ambitious and carefully planned. 
  • Pupils undertake meaningful projects. Pupils learn how to work together and answer questions linked to personal, local and global challenges. 
  • Teachers question pupils is suitably demanding for pupils. 
  • The school has many local, national and international links, providing pupils with an exceptional range of opportunities. Pupils value the large number of opportunities to develop their talents and interests.
  • The school places a strong emphasis on pupils' personal development. 
  • There is a culture of reading in the school. 
  • The school ensures that pupils are prepared for their futures. 
  • Careers education and guidance is prioritised. 
  • Pupils are encouraged to reflect on and use their skills as they move through the school. 
  • The school...maintains strong links with its local community.
  • Bullying is extremely rare because there is a culture of tolerance and kindness. 
  • [Pupils are] supportive of one another and proud of their unique school.