The Swanage School Ofsted Report

In 2018 Ofsted once again declared The Swanage School to be a “Good” school.

The inspectors had a really good chance to get under the skin of the school and we were delighted that once again we were able to shine.

There is a link to the full report here – which for a section 8 inspection is in the form of a letter written to the Headteacher.

Some of the things the inspectors said which make us proud, include:

Pupils’ performance in the core subjects of English and mathematics has always been strong.

Behaviour is very good.

Pupils take great pride in their work, including its presentation. They are excellent ambassadors for the school. This is in large part due to the emphasis you place on encouraging pupils to grow as reflective, independent-minded young citizens.

Pupils thrive on taking on responsibilities as members of the school council, as house captains and in other roles. They enjoy celebrating their successes.

Staff know pupils well as individuals.

Your staff respond very well to the needs of vulnerable pupils.

Staff monitor pupils’ well-being very thoroughly, thereby ensuring that the school is a very orderly and welcoming community with safeguarding as an integral part of its culture.

You ensure that the most able pupils make good progress because teachers usually give them tasks which are sufficiently challenging.

All staff have regular opportunities for professional development, in order to maintain high levels of confidence and skill.

You have high expectations, as do your staff.

You give pupils interesting challenges, to which they respond enthusiastically.

You focus strongly on developing pupils’ independent learning skills and their ability to reflect on their learning.

You encourage pupils to take on responsibilities and to enjoy curriculum enrichment opportunities, which feed in to their academic successes.

Pupils and the great majority of parents are very enthusiastic about the quality of education.

The school has a strong reputation in the local community.