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GCSE Results 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 leavers who have achieved another set of fabulous results.

Our students do us proud every year, and this year is no exception. The pandemic has meant that it has, without doubt, been an extraordinary two years of GCSE studies for our 2021 leavers, with disruptions galore. The results were again awarded on Centre Assessed Grades given the cancellation of the final GCSE examinations.

Each grade in every subject was carefully considered and supported by evidence. As you would expect, the process was extremely rigorous and therefore we can be confident that the resulting grades are fair and very well-deserved.

Headteacher Jenny Maraspin said:

"As everyone knows, the pandemic has seen these past 18 months affect children and schools in a way no-one would ever have predicted. The way in which our GCSE students have coped with the disruptions and the additional pressures on them is nothing short of astonishing.

We are immensely proud of them and are pleased that their hard-work and dedication to their studies is recognised with a great set of results being awarded today. Yet again, we have students who have achieved excellent results and who have shown superb academic progress throughout their time at The Swanage School. My sincere congratulations to them all and, on behalf of all staff, I wish everyone many more adventures and every success in moving to sixth forms, colleges and other exciting opportunities."

You will be missed!


Students leave The Swanage School after Year 11.  Each year, students move on to a range of further education opportunities including A-level studies, apprenticeships and vocational courses across Dorset and Hampshire.