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Paying for Lunch

As from January, we will be changing the system as follows:

  • You will no longer have to pre-book lunches.
  • There will be one payment item on ParentPay called “School Canteen”.
  • This payment item will include break time snacks and school lunches.
  • As long as there is money on your son/daughter’s account they can have snacks and/or lunch whenever they like without having to pre-book.  You can either upload money on to your son/daughter’s account via ParentPay or pay cash in to the school office which will then be allocated to your son/daughter’s account.  After February half term all payments will need to be made via your ParentPay account.
  • If parents/carers would like to set a maximum daily spend on their son/daughter’s account we can arrange this on an individual basis.
  • There will be a new 3 week menu with more choices for students.  The new 3 week menu can be found on the reverse of this letter.  There will also be a copy on our website.
  • Students eligible for free school meals will get there lunch as normal with a daily allowance of £2.50.
  • We have also invested in a large fridge which will be accessible to students – the fridge will be filled with various drinks ranging from water, flavoured water, juice, milkshakes and yoghurt drinks.  We will also be having fruit pots and salads in the fridge.