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Break Time Snacks

Pain au Chocolat
Cookies, Flapjacks
Sausage Roll
Chicken Slice
Crisps & Popchips



Breaktime Special (e.g. sausage or bacon bap)
Sorry, not available with the Free School Meal allowance (unless extra credit has been added to the ParentPay account)




Juice Cartons / Capri Sun                   
Rio - canned water drink / other cans
Cup Drink


Paying for Lunch

  • There is a payment item on ParentPay called “School Canteen”.
  • This payment item includes break time snacks and school lunches.
  • Please note that there will be no overdraft facility on students’ break/lunch accounts so please ensure your son/daughter’s account is kept in credit.
  • As long as there is money on your son/daughter’s account they can have snacks and/or lunch whenever they like without having to pre-book. You can either upload money on to your son/daughter’s account via ParentPay or pay cash in to the school office which will then be allocated to your son/daughter’s account.
  • If parents/carers would like to set a maximum daily spend on their son/daughter’s account we can arrange this on an individual basis.
  • Students eligible for free school meals will have a daily allowance of £3 which they can spend on one break time snack (which will be charged at 50p ('breaktime specials' are excluded)) and lunch.
  • If you have not already set up a ParentPay account please contact the school office and we will send you the log-in details to enable you to create an account.