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PPE Production Line

We are proud to report that on the back of Swanage School student Eden Shaffer working at home to design and create a Personal Protective Mask on his own 3D printer, we have since been using the School's Design & Technology classroom and equipment to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to front-line workers across Dorset and further afield.

Eden shared his work with Design & Technology teacher Mr Duke, which sparked a collaboration between staff and students, working together using school resources to fabricate protective face masks. The head bands are now being made by laser cutting separate pieces which slot together and can be attached to a piece of acetate, the template for which was shared by another D&T teacher.

The first batch of 70 or so masks were made and delivered on 6 April 2020, and to date over 500 have now been made and distributed to a wide range of organisations including doctors' surgeries, care homes, hospitals and ambulance crews.

[Photo: sent to us with thanks from Bristol Ambulance Crew]

[Photo: sent to us with thanks from Bournemouth and Salisbury Hospital]

The masks are delivered as flat packs, with 3 shields.

If your organisation could benefit from this project please let us know by contacting the office.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for further information on how you can support this project and our community.

We give our sincere thanks to those who have given donations to the School to support this project, including to the Freemasons of Dorset for their kind donation of £500 for the purchase of additional materials.

The work of schools, including The Swanage School, in making PPE for front-line workers was featured in the Bournemouth Echo on 12th April - read the article here - and on BBC South Today on 21st April.

Well done Eden - brilliant work!