Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

Supporting Students

The Swanage School prides itself that relationships are at the heart of the school. It is fundamental to the ethos of the school that every child is known and valued.

We understand that every child has individual needs and that those needs vary from day to day depending on what else is going on in their lives.

With this in mind, we have a support structure to provide children with the care and nurture they need. 

Each child is a member of a small vertical tutor group made up of students from across the year groups. The tutor acts as both advocate and mentor. Typically the tutor will support students through the majority of life’s ups and downs. Sometimes, however, the tutor or the student themselves might want to refer themselves to the support team.

The in-house support team consists of a range of expertise, including:

  • Head of House
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Dave Dawson)
  • Teaching assistants
  • School nurse
  • Adult mentors
  • Youth workers
  • Child protection officer (Jenny Maraspin)

Additional external professionals are brought into school, or are referred to, via the Common Assessment Framework as appropriate.

SEND - More information

For more information regarding Special Education Needs and Disability, please see the SEND  and Accessibility Policy on our policies page, read the full Local Offer on the Dorset Family Information page or contact our SENCO, Dave Dawson by calling 01929 500599 or emailing davedawson@theswanageschool.co.uk

SEND Local Offer

Students with special educational needs (SEND) will benefit from the ethos of The Swanage School and its human scale.

Early identification of needs will lead to appropriate provision and accessibility to specialised facilities. Learning difficulties are assessed and responded to by highly skilled and well-trained support staff, who have contact where appropriate to additional specialists and services through Dorset County Council, for example health professionals, educational psychologists and trained counsellors.

At The Swanage School we enable pupils with SEND to reach their full potential and to be fully included in their school community. Assessment systems lead to accurate categorisation of students in accordance with the 2014 SEND Code of Practice and the Standards for Teachers (2014).

SEND provision caters for the requirements of students with learning difficulties and physical and sensory disabilities. This involves additional, temporary and/or extended support and liaison with parents/carers throughout the process. We promote equality of opportunity through the Equality Act 2010 ensuring that SEND students have access to the curriculum and benefit from all that the school has to offer.