Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

We try, we fail, we learn, we succeed

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The Swanage School

Every Student Well Known

The Swanage School has been created on human scale principles, which means that strong and genuine relationships – within school, with the local community and with the wider world – are at its heart.

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The Swanage School

A Balanced Curriculum

The Swanage School has developed a broad and balanced curriculum tailored to individual needs. Click on the link below to find out how we make full use of our local resources, while enabling students to take up to 13 GCSEs.

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The Swanage School

School Life

Read more about student life at The Swanage School, including information about the school day and how you can support your child's learning. You can also download a Parent Pack containing everything you need to know.

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2018 Exam Success!

Year 11 students at The Swanage School are celebrating fantastic GCSE exam success. Provisional figures indicate we have achieved our best ever progress scores. This is an outstanding result and a tribute to our hard-working and talented students and staff.

• Our overall pass rate is 72%
• 15% of our GCSE grades were top grades (7, 8 or 9)
• 85% pass rate in English
• 65% pass rate in Maths
• 85% pass rate Biology, Chemistry & Physics
• 81% pass rate in Combined Science
• 88% pass rate in Design Technology
• 85% pass rate in Art & Design
• 100% pass rate in Drama

Mr Hobson said, "I am really proud of the students who have worked so hard for so long to get the grades they deserve.

"As always, it’s been a real team effort, with teachers, teaching assistants and other school staff helping students and their parents prepare for the increasingly challenging GCSEs.

"I am sure residents of Swanage will be equally proud of the achievements of their young people and are pleased that the school could help them on their way to becoming well-rounded adults."

The Swanage School Way

At The Swanage School we...

  • Respect each other and treat others as we would like to be treated
  • Help members of the wider community
  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Take pride in our appearance
  • Do the best we can