07 March 2022

Another triumphant production!

Student cast members of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on stage, holding aloft Joseph

Wow! What a show! We've done it again - brought the house down at The Mowlem with our annual production, another superb musical show with great music and extraordinary performances from a committed, joyful cast.

Over 4 nights, two of which were sell-out performances, the cast entertained and delighted their audience and showed great professionalism. Singing, dancing and acting were superb, with many stand-out comical and emotional moments. The lead cast members, featuring Sonny Walker-Scoular as Joseph, Marek Silverton as the Pharaoh and our wonderful nine narrators - Madison Abley, Mico Jo Andrew, April Burnett Crook, Pollen Demir, Rachel Glassock, Jayme Hall, Emily Knapman, Ava Muir and Julia Pleszynska - gave immense performances every night and richly deserved the applause and ovations. Alfie Bennett, Harrison Bennett and Jayden Cairnie wowed with a solo each, Artemis Parker and Reuben Marcus were excellent as the Baker and the Butler, Lola Carter portrayed Mrs Potiphar superbly, and Mr Peake himself made a surprise (and very comical!) appearance as Potiphar, and for one night only as a brother, to cover cast members who were unfortunately taken ill.

Narrators and ensemble on stage in Joseph

Student dressed in a technicolour coat portraying Joseph on stage

Students dressed in an Elvis wig and sunglasses portraying the Pharoah

Joseph in jail on stage in Joseph

Student portrays The Butler on stage in Joseph

The 'brothers' put in great performances too - comically menacing and suitably grovelling. In addition to Alfie, Harrison and Jayden, the brothers were played by Tayler Burgess, Jimmy Carter, Alfie Giles, Reuben Marcus, Jake Muir, Logan Parker, Rhys Williams and Hayden-Lee Wilson. Their scenes were supplemented by a warm, amusing performance from Vince Betteridge as Jacob and his pal, a skeletal goat on wheels.

Students act in a scene from Joseph

The brothers and Jacob on stage in Joseph

Brother and Jacob meet in a scene on stage in Joseph

Egypt scene on stage in Joseph

Our amazing ensemble cast were not only the school children to whom the narrators tell the story of Jacob and his twelve sons, but also choir and dancers, and were on stage for most of the show. They stayed in character as excited children throughout the narrators' numbers, their beautiful singing elevated the key musical moments in the show, and the dance numbers were full of energy, colour and fun!

Narrators sing to ensemble in Joseph

Ensemble dance in coloured t-shirt on stage in Joseph

Ensemble cast dancing a hoe-down on stage in Joseph

We had a great backstage crew - Finley Egan, Olly Frith and Leon Jones - and particularly loved their camel cameo, and Spike Barnes again worked magic on sound and light. Our sincere thanks, as ever, to the trustees and staff at The Mowlem who support our production each year, going above and beyond to assist not only with ticket sales, but with lighting, sound, staging and set design, and special thanks to former staff member Becs Field-Bunney and Mowlem trustee Nick Field, who came over from France to assist with show week. The magic wouldn't happen without you all! 

Backstage crew dressed as a camel on stage in Joseph

And to Mr Peake. Simply - we salute you. You are a legend.



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