Parent Feedback

We value feedback from parents and use it to inform school development, alongside our own self-reflections and feedback from staff, students and governors.

Feedback to celebrate

The latest parent survey revealed numerous strong themes to celebrate and be proud of. We are particularly pleased that:

  • 92% agree or strongly agreed that the quality of teaching is good, with teaching checking level of understanding and providing clear feedback
  • 94% agree or strongly agree that the school provide high quality pastoral support - as you know this is at the heart of our ethos and values
  • 92% agree or strongly agree that the school supports children to be confident, resilient and independent - again central to our vision
  • 97% agree that the school has high expectations of behaviour, and 98% agree that any issues are dealt with in a timely fashion
  • 97% agree that the school is effectively led by senior leaders and governors

Key themes to focus on:

The level of response and outcomes from the most recent parent survey was extremely positive. Several themes arose that we are taking forward in our annual school development plan as below.

Keeping parents' informed - we are addressing this on multiple levels and will improve our communication by:

  • A regular half-termly newsletter
  • An update every 3 weeks from the Headteacher by email
  • Direct communication with parents made easier through our investment in a new management information system
  • Direct text messaging from class teachers
  • A phone app that means we can call you from the school line from anywhere (ideal if we need to close the school again in future)
  • Full "parent portal" features of the new management information system coming online very soon
  • Half-termly tutor phone calls home

Reports - the reports will be changing for the better! This is facilitated by the new management information system and new style reports will be rolled out soon.

Extra-curricular activities - unfortunately Covid impacted on our ability to run after-school clubs but rest assured we have plenty of great clubs lined up for when we can once again run a full complement.

Parent Forum

We would like to further develop parental partnerships through a regular forum where parents can feedback to senior leaders on a more regular basis. If you would be interested in meeting once a term, to discuss what we do well and aspects to improve, please email to express an interest to join the parent forum and we will be in touch.