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The staff-student challenge!

During the lockdown of Spring 2020, we ran a staff-student challenge for a bit of light relief. It was a 3-0 victory for students!

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Challenge 3: Recreate a famous painting

We asked Mr Hobson to judge! He continued to take his judging role very seriously and sent us this to sum up his thoughts:

"To judge the art competition I have called on my mum (you never get too old to ask your mum for help). She’s an amazing artist – you’ve seen her mosaic of the school logo in reception.
I reckon that someone guessed I would be judging the art and knows that I love waves and surfing so I really like the interpretation of Hokusai’s tidal wave!
The colours and vibrancy of the Picasso interpretation were inspiring!
And the Acrobats interpretation is really dynamic and we loved the ingenious use of sweets (although I don’t think they’d last long enough to be used as art in my house!).
Mum was particularly impressed with the pop art interpretation of Marilyn.
The scream was an interesting literal interpretation of an impressionist original, whilst Lola and her Guinea Pig and Sleeping Boy and Dog almost mirrored the original pieces. Really well done!
Mrs Lardner should win a prize for sure – she’s always smiling so holding a frown must have been difficult, whilst Mr Peake just looks slightly confused…
We liked the flower/flour reference in the Banksy work – the main question being, where did you get hold of some flour?
The cake composition was a great combination of art and food – cake being a favourite of ours!
We loved the originality of using dogs – both in Girl with a Pearl Earring and Arearea. Dog trainers around the country will be in awe!
But for originality we thought the Tiger Riding Ukulele Man and the George and the Dragon were supreme – and are joint winners!"


JOINT WINNERS: Tiger riding Ukulele Man and George and the Dragon - both student entries!


Challenge 2: 60 second talent competition

Challenge 2 was to create, do, sing, make a movie – whatever you liked.

Please give videos below a moment to load...

WINNER: Entry 5: "Phineas and Ferb" (student entry)

Challenge 1: Zip-line

The first challenge was to design and build a free standing zip-line that would transport a plastic figure (or equivalent object) over the space of 1m, with a travel time as close to 3 seconds as possible.

WINNER: "La Tyrolienne" (Student entry)