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The staff-student challenge!

A different kind of challenge for these strange times!

We will be pitching staff against students in a mystery challenge and keeping score over the coming weeks. 

The format is easy:

Students - please complete the challenge and email your photos/videos to your tutor

Staff - post your photos/videos in MS Teams

The entries will be shared here on the website and on our Vimeo channel (so will be viewable by the general public). We'll promote some of them, and the winner, on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Challenge 3: Recreate a famous painting (closes 1st June)

Use everyday objects at home such as sheets, socks, Lego, toilet rolls, ornaments, mirrors, anything at all, to create your own fun version of a famous painting (ask your parent for permission first!) Remember that you don't have to appear in the image, you could use objects, pets or your parents instead. You can recreate one of the paintings below, or choose your own painting from a well known artist (include their name with your entry). Entries for this challenge can be sent directly to Art Teacher Mrs Saganic.

IMPORTANT: If you or other members of your family appear in your image, please ask a parent to submit the image stating that they are happy for the image to be displayed publicly on our website and Facebook/Twitter feeds.

Entries extended to Monday 1st June

You could choose to recreate one of these:


Or be inspired by one of these:






Challenge 2: 60 second talent competition

Challenge 2 was to create, do, sing, make a movie – whatever you liked.

Please give videos below a moment to load...

WINNER: Entry 5: "Phineas and Ferb" (student entry)

Challenge 1: Zip-line

The first challenge was to design and build a free standing zip-line that would transport a plastic figure (or equivalent object) over the space of 1m, with a travel time as close to 3 seconds as possible.

WINNER: "La Tyrolienne" (Student entry)