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Cooking for the Community

Having received a donation of £1,000 from the Dorset Freemasons, The Swanage School is able to start providing free home-cooked meals for families and individuals in and around Swanage who would benefit from this service due to self-isolation, other vulnerabilities or hardships caused by the current situation.

Using the school's facilities, our kitchen staff will make and package freshly cooked meals ready to be re-heated, with an initial aim of cooking up to 80 meals a day three times a week (likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and delivering these to homes. We will directly offer this service to our families and will ask the primary schools, local charities and the food bank for referrals, however we would also like to make this a wider offer within the community.

If you know of someone who would benefit, maybe a neighbour who is struggling or someone who is shielding, or would benefit yourself, please email our office or call 01929 500599 and leave a message. We hope to be able to secure additional funding, and if demand exists to continue the service for as many people as possible whilst we are able.

Our sincere thanks to the Dorset Freemasons, who also donated to our PPE Project.