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Gallery of Student Work

We're all very proud of the work students have been doing at home! 

Keep pictures of your work coming in - we're loving seeing and sharing them. We'll pop pictures here and share some on our Facebook Page too. Please email them to your tutor or subject teacher - you'll find staff contact details here

Year 7 French students have produced some great "Wanted!" posters. Year 7 and 8 PBL students have been working hard on projects to map the highlights of Asia and Africa. In art, Year 7 students have been looking at colour theory and how this is used in everyday brands, Year 8 have been looking at patterns within their home environment and how to create patterns with everyday objects, and older students have been drawing self portraits.

Students who have been attending school during the last few weeks have been doing some great projects, including the construction of a vegetable garden. 

As you may have seen on Facebook, Eden Shaffer has designed a Personal Protection Mask and has been working with the D&T department to start producing these for local community organisations.

An excellent Powerpoint on Antibiotics completed for Science.

A particularly impressive piece of Project Based Learning work by a Year 7 student, with a very professional looking infographic.

Year 7, 8 and 9 are creating journals to record this moment in history: this Banksy-inspired journal is a very impressive piece of work.