13 July 2023

DofE Expeditions

DofE Expeditions

Congratulations to all 28 Year 9 students who took part in the final expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award - all successfully completed the expedition and will achieve their Bronze Award!

Having committed to the DofE scheme, they trained over several months for this final part of the Bronze Award, which comprised a 2-day hike with an overnight camp. Students set off mid-morning and, carrying all their camping kit and provisions, navigated themselves to the campsite where they pitched their tents and cooked dinner on their camping stoves before settling down for the night. As dawn broke over the campsite, they emerged sleepy-headed from their tents, prepared the breakfast they had planned, packed up camp and set off again to continue their hike. Over the two days they covered a distance of some 25km (some slightly more than planned!) and it's fair to say arrived back at school slightly less spritely than when they left! 

Group 1 (above) set off on Monday 10th July 2023 on the first of two expedition hikes. Group 2 set off on Wednesday 12th July. Both groups were supervised by Miss Dennis and Dr Tratt who met them at checkpoints and at the campsite but, as is required to gain the Award, did not accompany the students on the hike nor navigate for them. A Duke of Edinburgh Assessor, Neil Denmar, was also present at checkpoints throughout the route. 

The hike took the group past Old Harry Rocks where the assessor caught this shot of them coming up the hill. 

A quick pit-stop before continuing on to beat the rain, the threat of which was unfortunately present all day for the first group, and came down in torrents overnight. 

Sunrise at the camping stop and all students still soundly asleep!

In addition to the expedition, to earn The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants also have to complete Volunteering, Skills and Physical sections. Students have volunteered over a 3 month period for a minimum of 1 hour per week. Some have joined local litter picking groups, others have helped redevelop the School's 'Green Space', others have assisted groups such as Sustainable Swanage with projects. Also over 3 months, students learnt a new skill and participated in a regular physical activity, whether sports, dance or fitness. Those who took part in the Volunteering, Skills and Physical sections, but not the expedition, are recognised with a Duke of Edinburgh Certificate of Achievement. 


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