Tree Planting Project 2020

The aim of the tree planting project is two-fold: to enhance the appearance of the front of our school and field whilst simultaneously increasing all the positive elements associated with trees. These include improving air quality, increasing habitats for hundreds of insects, birds and wildlife and improving soil quality.

We believe an organisation such as ours has a responsibility to populate the relatively large green space it has to a high level in terms of biodiversity. 


"A Tree for Every Child in Swanage"

The Swanage School is involved with local group Sustainable Swanage and their sub-group Greening Swanage who, through their campaign for "A Tree for Every Child in Swanage", are aiming for a target of 1,500 additional trees planted locally. The volunteers in these groups have a wealth of experience and expertise which will be of great benefit to the school in terms of advising us on the types of trees to order and plant, and where they will be best positioned. We are also benefiting from the expertise of Trees for Dorset who have kindly visited the site to assess its needs and to talk through some of the details. 

Through these groups, the School will also be able to access many free trees from organisations such as The Woodland Trust and The Conservation Volunteers (I Dig Trees), and plan to donate some of these to interested primary schools in the area. 



The Planting Scheme

We have many detailed architect's drawings from when the school was initially built. These show how important green, organic shapes are to "softening" the look of a new building and these drawings are being used as inspiration for the new planting scheme.

Original school plans showing tree planting scheme


Follow our progress

Update #9

Re-wilding the front lawn


Update #8

Hedge planting continues


Update #7

Cherry Tree planter made and installed.


Student involvement

Students will be involved at every step of this project, for example:

Our student Eco Rep organised a group of 20 students willing to help with the planting.

The Science Department are keen to incorporate all elements relating to the science of trees in their teaching and to involve their students as the project progresses.

Students from the Forest School group will be involved in all aspects of the project. 

Our heartfelt thanks to

Among others, our thanks for helping with this project go to:

  • Sarah Spurling, Sustainable Swanage.
  • Dean Storer and the volunteers from Greening Swanage.
  • Rachel Palmer, Toby Branston and all the volunteers at Trees for Dorset.