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Tree Planting Project Update #3

28 February 2020: Tree Planting Day!

Trees for Dorset have successfully secured some funding for our school project, from The Tree Council.

On Friday 28 February a team of leaders and volunteers from Trees for Dorset will be working with students all day to begin the planting on the lawns at the front of the school. 

We're hoping to have a non-school uniform day (to be confirmed) to raise money to contribute towards the project. 

We are requesting help from parents and carers on this day - lots of people are keen to get involved. 

We are reaching the end of the "dormant" time of year - so to get all of our saplings planted will be an excellent achievement going into the Spring. 

Tree Planting Project Update #2

12 December 2019: "Heeling In" with Forest School

Yesterday, regardless of really grim weather conditions, three students from Forest School helped Mr Lane "heel in" our tree saplings. "Heeling in" is a method of protecting the tree roots until they are planted. All bunches of saplings are placed into holes in the ground, lightly heeled in and watered. 


We then went inside to look at the plans of the school grounds and make preliminary decisions about which trees to plant in different positions around the school, e.g. Bird Cherry and Rowan trees to be planted along the wall nearest the road as they will provide an amazing display of blossom and berries through the year. Alder tress (which love wet conditions) will be positioned at the bottom of the field where water collects in the soil. 

Tree Planting Project Update #1

4th December 2019: Delivery day!


Last week we were excited to take delivery of 200 'free trees' we ordered from the "I Dig Trees" initiative set up by The Conservation Volunteers organisation.

All of the trees are native to Britain and include Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan, Hornbeam and Bird Cherry varieties.

We are aiming to enhance the appearance of the front of our school and field whilst simultaneously increasing all the positive elements associated with trees, such as improving air quality, increasing habitats for hundreds for insects, birds and wildlife, and improving soil quality. 

The School is involved with a local community group, Greening Swanage (see Sustainable Swanage on Facebook for more information) who are trying to increase the amount of trees in our town through their campaign "A Tree for Every Child in Swanage", to support Dorset Council's Green Infrastructure Policy. 

You can find more information on our project on our main Tree Planting Project page.